Blogging 101: Be inspired by the community

I have been following The Daily Post’s Blogging101 prompts for the past week or so and have been a very, very bad blogger these past few days, missing out on two assignments. First, we had to comment on blogs we haven’t commented on before and then use one of the posts we’d commented on as inspiration for a post of our own.

During a frantic lunch-time catch-up session, I came across this post by The Lantern Room and was inspired once again by the ways in which photos tell stories, too. A flower, to mark the end of the season. I like thinking about the fact that the person who took this photo is celebrating the arrival of Autumn, while here in my little Southern corner of the globe, spring is definitely in the air.

That the world can be both two things at once and that everything is so very very fleeting – seasons, lives, joys and sorrows.

Ah, the insanely bittersweet beauty of it all.